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Required Forms

To speed the check-in process, please bring these forms filled out the day of your drop-off or attach them to an email to us.


Let us know when you would like your cat to come stay at Cozy Cattery by calling

(775) 324-PETS (7387)

Or use the reservation form below.

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Reservation Form

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car Arrival
Check-In Bring your kitty to COZY CATTERY in a plastic, escape-proof carrier. We'll use it in case of emergencies.

More than one cat? One carrier each.

BellCheck In
CabinsMonday - Saturday
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


By Appointment Only

See Policies if you require an early or late check-in.

Payment Due. We accept cash, local checks, ATM/debit cards, VISA and MasterCard.

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Amy star star star star star Our cat loved it.

Came home relaxed and happy after spending 10 days in Kitty Care.

They also do an excellent job grooming.

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Kitty Exercise / Play
Caution Cat Near Window heartAll guests are guaranteed a minimum of 1 hour exercise time daily and humans socializing with cat’s permission. Depending on the number of guests in their area, it could be as much as 4 hours.
OwlGuests with window access enjoy birdwatching. Duck

All guests are on a rotation schedule and will not co-mingle with other guests unless coming from the same household.

Boarding Tips
  1. Kitty Near WindowMake reservations early, especially during peak Summer months, Christmas, and other major holidays.
  2. As you begin packing for your trip, talk to your cat and explain your plans, describe the Cattery Resort and emphasize you will return and bring him/her home again. Cats that have been informed of their Cattery vacation are calmer and adjust better to boarding. Cats understand a lot more than most folks realize!
  3. Because your cat may be uneasy about your preparations, he/she may disappear outside or hide indoors. On the day before you plan to arrive at the Cattery, keep your cat indoors and confined. Frantic clients have had to cancel their boarding reservations and leave their cat to the elements because they couldn’t find him/her at the time of departure!
  4. Bring something familiar from home… a favorite toy, a small blanket or towel, or even a small piece of your clothing (such as a T-Shirt or socks)… which helps make the adjustment for your cat to new surroundings easier. The item should be clean and small enough to fit into the lodging. If your cat has a bed from home, please bring it! If your cat doesn't have one we will be happy to provide a bed for his/her use.
  5. Alway bring food for your cat(s), whether canned or dry. Instant changes to diet is not healthy for your cat. A change in food can cause diarrhea or even worse, your cat could refuse to eat which can lead to other serious health problems. We strictly keep to our guests’ regular feeding schedules to avoid a disruption in their normal eating routine. Don’t forget to bring vitamins, medications and/or any special treats.
  6. If your cat is prone to carsickness, remove water and food a few hours before you bring your cat in to the Cattery. After your cat settles into their lodging at the Cattery, he/she will find fresh water and food to nibble when his/her tummy settles.
  7. Kitty on Cat TreePlease transport your cat in a hard plastic carrier. Cats do bolt out of their owner’s arms due to an unfamiliar noise or movement. It is nearly impossible to find and catch a frightened cat! If you have 2 cats, bring them in separate plastic carriers. We also request plastic carriers because they are the best escape-proof transportation for your cat in the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation.
  8. Upon arrival, it is common for cats to need a couple of hours to settle in to their new environment. This is very normal and within hours, most cats settle into their cabins and accept the pampering of the resort staff and usually become quite affectionate and even playful.
  9. Bringing your cat home again is another adjustment for him/her. Hiding out or carefully re-exploring the entire house are common behaviors. It is a good idea to keep your cat indoors for a day or two to settle into being "home" again.
  10. We work very hard to make sure your cat is as happy as can be and to ease your mind while you travel. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us!
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BoyTo ensure a serene environment for our boarding guests, children are not permitted in the boarding area. Girl