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Krista Lindberg : Certified Feline Master Groomer

Welcome to the world of cat grooming! Affordable cat grooming by a master cat groomer will leave your cat looking and feeling great! Check out your kitty's many options below.
Cozy Cat

  I was so nervous to get my cat groomed and I can’t express how grateful I am for this place. I dropped him off for a sanitary cut and Krista did a beautiful job, my long haired kitty is so happy!

I used their kitty hotel services before and I was very impressed. Every time my cat steps a paw in that place he is calm and relaxed.

The employees are very knowledgeable cat lovers which helps my peace of mind a lot.

Andra C., 2021

Grooming Gallery

Grooming Packages

Short Hair Groom Package $55
Long Hair Groom Package: $65

Comb Cut


Lion Cut


Dino Cut


Includes all items in the Grooming Package

Matt removal not included.

If your cat is severely matted or pelted, we will be happy to assess your cat at check-in to discuss what options will be best to solve the problem.

*Lion cut price range is based on matting.

cozy cat
Add On Services
Belly Shave $ 35
Sanitary Cut** $ 20
Toe Tufts $ 15
Soft Paws Front $ 35
Soft Paws Full Set $ 50
Deshed Treatment $ 25
Ruff Cut $ 20
Nail Trim Only $ 25
Face Trim (breed specific) $ 20
Soft Claws
soft claws

Grooming Contract

Please see our Grooming Contract pdf.

To speed the check-in process, please bring this form filled out the day of your drop-off, or attach in an email to us, or upload with your reservation, or:

Upload Files

You may upload multiple files from the same directory by holding down the Control, Command or Shift key while selecting.

Max of 5 files totaling 20mb.


Mimsy gets her Soft Paws manicure every 6 weeks to keep her from clawing the furniture. Works great, stylish colors,they don't bother her at all, hubby is happy, and Mimsy has no stress at all about it. Highly recommend!

—Dawn Simas, Google Local Guide, 1/2022

New Clients

groomed cat

At your first cat grooming appointment, it is important that you allow about 10 minutes for your orientation. At this time we will discuss the needs of your cat as well as answer any of your questions.

Out of respect for the schedules of our other clients, please arrive to your appointment on time. If you are late, it puts me behind, which affects the schedules of my other clients.

24 hour minimum cancellation notice is required.

Money Saving Tips for Cat Parents on a Budget

At check-out, pre-book and receive a FREE deshedding treatment during your cat’s next appointment!

Refer A Friend! Let me know when you refer a friend and once they come in for their services, we’ll credit you $10 on your next groom or boarding visit!

I love this place! I have a long-haired cat, and I take her twice a year. She gets the dino cut for the summer and then the teddy bear for the fall. My cat seems to be happier, and she is very well done.

I won't take my fur baby anywhere else. They are all super friendly.

—Alexandria Faulds, Google Local Guide, 4/2022

About Krista Lindberg

Certified Feline Master Groomer